Terms & Conditions 

Bin Cleaning

Terms and Conditions - Please keep for your future reference.


1. You agree that by using any services provided by CBS Cleaning shall constitute your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of our customers and users of our website which is governed by our Privacy Policy (see below).

3. The standard cleaning frequency is either a two or a four weekly rota. On rare occasions this may change temporarily due to various reasons including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, machine failure, staff and public holidays.

4. As it is necessary for the bin to be empty for us to clean it, you will need to make sure that your bin is put out on kerb side / the boundary of your property to be emptied on the specified day.

5. If you need to take your bin in after it has been emptied, please make sure that we have access to it. Do not lock it away.

6. Ideally leave your bin on the kerbside or the boundary of your property after the council collection.

7. If you have an assisted collection please inform us and we will collect and return the bin to its storage position for you.

8. Due to the nature of our work and circumstances beyond our control we cannot always clean your bin as soon as it has been emptied. Be assured that it will be cleaned the following day.

9. It will be the operative's discretion as to whether cleaning can be carried out if any rubbish is left in the bin after the refuse collection or added to the bin after the collection has been made.

10. We cannot clean a bin if it is contaminated with wet paint, excessive amounts of wet oil, solidified fat or cat and dog faeces.

11. If you require to miss a scheduled clean, if for example you are away on holiday, you must notify CBS Cleaning in advance to avoid being charged for the clean.

12. We accept payment by cash and BACS. 

13. Payments are due before or on the day of cleaning. Failure to pay in accordance with these terms and conditions may result in late payment charges or in legal action.

14. Fees and charges are as advertised and as agreed at the point of sale.

15. We reserve the right to change prices without any prior notice. Any credits or debits outstanding will not be affected by any price increase.

16. Currently VAT is not charged by CBS Cleaning.

17. You are free to cancel the service at any time. If you wish to cancel please notify CBS Cleaning in writing to our office address or by email to info@cbs-cleaning.org to prevent any unwanted cleans or charges. Any monies outstanding to Bin Cleaners UK will become due immediately.

18. If the Council notifies the customer of any change to the refuse collection please ensure that CBS Cleaning is aware of it.

19. In the event of a customer relocating any credits can either be transferred to the new address or refunded.

20. CBS Cleaning reserves the right to cancel any existing service or to decline any new custom for whatever reason.

21. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that CBS Cleaning has your correct and current contact details.

22. It is the responsibility of CBS Cleaning to notify the customer of any changes to the cleaning schedule.

23. CBS Cleaning reserves the right to change, amend and update these terms and conditions without prior notice. If we update these terms and conditions any changes will appear on this website.

24. Such revised terms and conditions will be effective 21 days from the date of posting. It is therefore important that you review these terms and conditions periodically and at least every 21 days.

25. You will have been deemed to have accepted these changes if we do not receive any representations from you within a period of 30 days from the date of the changes.

26. CBS Cleaning has no responsibility for broken / dented bins.